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Przedsiębiorca uzyskał subwencję finansową w ramach programu rządowego "Tarcza Finansowa 2.0 Polskiego Funduszu Rozwoju dla Mikro, Małych i Średnich Firm" udzieloną przez PFR SA.

Welcome to the website of FHT VERSUSGAS - designer, manufacturer and supplier of components and solutions for alternative fuels in the area of Gas Injection Systems automotive conversions. 

About Company

Designer, manufacturer, developer and supplier of products and technology for the automotive industry in the field of LPG, CNG/NGV and other alternative fuels.

Since 1991 our company operates within the polish market and is a leader in the CNG/LPG conversion industry.

We strongly believe that in any business development there should be no limitations. VERSUS GAS hereby invites potential partners to try and discover Polish technology of innovations and functionality.

We address our invitation to automotive industry operators and players:


Our engineers are ready to meet the most sophisticated expectations.

Car dealers.

Recognition of individual ideas on joint projects – all individual business partners require individual attitudes.


Every market needs a different identity of the products.


Close cooperation leads to right targets.

Workshops & installers.

Thanks to their feedback we can offer solutions proven in thousands of vehicles. Mutual exchanging of the knowledge, participation in training and listening to different ideas has allowed us to continue on our path of excellence.

Last but not least: to end users of the VERSUS GAS systems, whose satisfaction is still our main target.

We are certain that there are a lot of opportunities for cooperation and that there are more institutions and companies that could be our potential partners. We pay our attention to long-standing cooperation and warrant satisfaction to any institution that strives to do the same. Should you have any vision of cooperation, it would be our pleasure to become familiar with your expectations. We will try to find a way to put your proposals into force.

• Sequential Gas Injection System VERSUS for engines conversions
• Other autogas equipment for cars 
• Personalized solutions for B2B customers in the area of Sequential Injection System and auto gas installations. 
• Group of engineers' knowledge that are ready to design digital micro-controller’s application 
• SMT/THT production capacity 
• CNC machining 
• 3D scanning 

• Exploration of other alternative fuel possibilities to support the environment

• Improving the quality of life while offering advanced application of digital feeding technology 

The ways to reach above targets:

• The promotion of modern and technologically advanced systems to protect environment 

• Implementation of high quality electronic applications for the automotive market 

• To maintain the level of sustainable growth and expansion  

• Expanding the position of a reliable business partners   

• To keep the level of market independence and flexibility